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Walking tours for groups in the city of Groningen

  • General tour in the citycentre
  • foto:provinciehuis Martinikerkhof

    Along old medivial almshouses, narrow alleys, old and modern architecture, plastic art, about the history of Groningen. The Walking tour is specially made to get a general view on the city of Groningen with her most typical but also hidden sites.

    Duration: About 1 3/4 hour
    Start and finish: can be adjusted

    Price: € 7.00 per Person with a Minimum of 15 Persons. saturday after 17.00 and Sunday € 8.00 per person.

    Groups smaller than 15 persons € 105.00 respectively € 120.00
    Maximum amount per guide is 25. For groups bigger than 25 another guide will be enlisted.
    Brugstraat met toren van de A kerk

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  • Walking and eating: Happen und Stappen

    This walking tour is a combination of walking and eating in three parts in different restaurants. It starts at the end of the afternoon and ends at about 9 am. It's the ideal way for meeting each other (family or friends), having a nice dinner and discovering the city.

  • Vismarkt met Korenbeurs

    The tour starts at the Martinit or on the Rademarkt opposite the policeoffice depending the choice for the menu.
    You will be taken to the hidden places but also the most typical and outstanding buildings of the city.
    After about 45 minutes we will have a soup in cafe/restaurant De Beurs,a typical cosy old Dutch cafe on the Fishmarket. or in Brasserie Zomers a historical building with modern interior. www.zomers-groningen.nl

    After this break we there is a walk for another 45 minutes to another restaurant where you can will have the main dish.
    You can choose for a tapasmenu at the reaturant Mr Mofongo www.mofongo.nl or for a French/Dutch menu with meat, fish or vegetarian in the restaurant De Heeren van Martini www.heerenvanmartini.nl
    You can either choose for a pancakemenu in the pancakeship www.pannekoekschip.nl..
    Another dish in another restaurant migth be possible

    After the main dish you'll walk on for 1/2 an hour. The tour ends at Restaurant/Bar Pacific where the dessert will be taken. This restaurant is two minutes walk from the startingpoint.

    Duration: About 4 1/4 hour including the breaks.
    Start:Between 16.30 and 17.00. In deliberation other times are possible.
    Price: € 47.00 per person for the pancakemenu, € 53.00 per person for French/Ditch menu, € 55.00 per person for the tapasmenu with a minimum of 15 persons.
    The price is including the three dishes, three drinks, guideance of the tour and organisation.

    At Sunday there is an addition.

    For groups less than 15 persons there is a starting price.

    Maximum persons 125.

    Voorgerecht in Huis de beurs

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  • City walking tour through gardens and almshouses


    The inner city of Groningen has a lot of onkwown places behind doors and gates. You normally don't see them because you don't know them. Behind these doors you find the inner courts of old almshouses. They are often founded in the middle ages as place for old, sick and poor people. Nowadays all kind of people live in these houses. During the walking tour you will be taken to three of these almshouses and you will be surprised by the atmosphere and quietness of these places. During the tour there will be a short break for a coffee on a beautiful place with a garden.

    Duration: The tour takes about two hours including the coffeestop

    Start: Martinitoren. Finish: Vimarkt

    Price: Price: € 11.00 per person. On Saturday after 17.00 and Sunday € 12.00 per person. The price includes coffee or tea. Other drinks will be charged.
    For groups smaller than 15 participants it's € 165.00 respectivily € 180.00 on Sundays minus the costs of the consumptions a € 2.25 per person.

    Maximum amount of participants is 25. For groups more than 25 participants an other guide will be enlisted.


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  • Puzzle walking tour


    Discover Groningen during a puzzle game.
    In small groups of 5 or 6 persons with a map and pictures of the city you are walking a route. You will pass sites of the city which you probally wouldn't have seen on your own. By answering the questions you are inspired to think about the sites you see. At the start the guide is present and will explain how things are going. Afterwards the results will be announced and eventual prices will be given.

    Duration: 2 hours à 2 ½ hours (eventual with a break for a consumption)

    Price: € 7.50 per person. On Saturday after17.00 and on Sundayen € 8.50 per person.

    Minimum amount of participants is 15. For groups less than 20 persons it's the price for 15 persons: &euro 75.00
    Maximum amount of participants is 100.

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